Hunting With A Hero

PTSD (or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a complex disorder that can take many forms and can affect more than just veterans and service members - not just in who can develop it and how, but also in the ways it touches the lives of the loved ones around them.

Hunting With A Hero aims to bring service members and their families together, outside the pressures of a clinical setting, so they can connect with each other and with nature, understand what one another is going through, and jointly heal.

Benefits & Outcomes

Hunting With A Hero’s intended outcome is to bring mental, emotional, and physical wellness for the entire family, as well as foster new wildlife and environmental conservationism and appreciation in our participants. Further benefits include an involved and growing understanding of PTSD itself, and how PTSD affects everyone in the family, with the goal of an improved and healed individual and familial relationship.